Our Services​

We offer various religious activities and ceremonies that take place within the temple, including daily rituals, prayers, offerings, and festivals or events that celebrate important religious occasions.

Regular activities

Buddhism Ceremonies

Every year we regularly hold various Buddhist ceremonies such as the Chinese New Year Guan Yin Bodhisattva Blessing Ceremony, the QingMing Festival Amitabha Buddha Ceremony, the Mid-Autumn Festival Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Ceremony, the Medicine Buddha Blessing and Deliverance Ceremony, as well as other Ceremonies for various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma protectors.


Weekend Services

Every weekend, the temple provides various activities such as introduction to Buddhism, teachings on True Buddha Dharma, group practice of Vajrayana Dharma, Dharma talks, and free vegetarian lunch for the public.

Dharma Sharing

Sundays 10:00am

Our certified English Dharma Instructor provide dharma sharing on every Sunday morning for the beginners.

Group Practice

SUNDAYS 11:00Am – 1:00PM

Every Sunday we will have Vajrayana group practice, basically a group chanting session, after that a dharma speech by our master.

Free Veggie

Sundays 1:00 Pm

Our temple provides free vegetarian meals to the public every Sunday at 1 pm, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Taking Refuge

Taking refuge in Buddhism is a crucial practice for those who aspire to follow the Buddhist path. It involves making a formal commitment to the Buddha, his teachings (Dharma), and the community of Buddhist practitioners (Sangha).

To take refuge in Buddhism, one must first comprehend and embrace the fundamental principles of Buddhism, including the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. These teachings serve as the bedrock of Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Typically, taking refuge is done through a ceremony led by a Buddhist teacher or monk. The ceremony may entail reciting specific prayers or vows, making offerings, and receiving a blessing.

Once an individual has taken refuge, they become a Buddhist and are considered a part of the global community of Buddhist practitioners. This commitment involves adhering to the precepts of Buddhism, such as refraining from harmful behavior, cultivating compassion and wisdom, and striving to live in harmony with all beings.

Taking refuge in Buddhism is a significant milestone on the path to enlightenment and can provide a solid foundation for one’s spiritual journey. It is essential to approach this practice with sincerity, humility, and a willingness to learn and grow.

In summary, taking refuge in Buddhism is a profound and transformative experience that requires a deep understanding and acceptance of Buddhist principles. It is a commitment to a way of life that emphasizes compassion, wisdom, and harmony with all beings.

It is often not possible for someone who lives far away from USA to come in person to take refuge with the guru. Those students who desire to take refuge can, on the first or fifteenth of any lunar month, at 7:00am, while facing the direction of the rising sun, recite three times the Fourfold Refuge Mantra:

Namo guru bei, namo Buddha ye, namo dharma ye, namo sangha ye” and prostrate three times.

On the first or fifteenth of every lunar month, at True Buddha Tantric Quarter, a True Buddha Master performs a ceremony of “remote initiation empowerment” – to give empowerment to all the students who could not journey in person.

A student who takes refuge from a distance, after performing the rites at home, only needs to send a letter to the True Buddha Tantric Quarter stating that he/she is seeking refuge, together with his/her name, address, age, and small fee for making offerings to the Buddhas. Upon receiving the letter, True Buddha school will send a certificate, a picture of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, and a note stating the level of practice he/she should start with. The address of the True Buddha Tantric Quarter is:

Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple
17012 NE 40th Ct.
Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Tel: (425)885-7573
Fax: (425)883-2173

You are welcome to walk in to our temple, for taking refuge. Upon request, our master will provide refuge empowerment after the group practice on every Sunday. You can call or email to us for appoitment, you will need to provide some basic information of yourself such as name and address.

Contact Information

Tell: 1 780 423 0447
Fax: 1 780 426 3230
Whatsapp: 1 587 938 4168

For any question about taking refure, please fill in the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Private Events

Reserve the Temple

Our temple provides various religious ceremonies, whether it is for a wedding ceremony, a house purification ceremony, or recitation of scriptures and dedication for the deceased.

Marriage Ceremony


Chin Yin Buddhist Temple holds a legally valid and qualified license to conduct wedding ceremonies for newlyweds, so that the wedding ceremony has legal effect.

Memorial Service


We offer recitation of scriptures for the deceased, so that they can hear the Dharma and pass away peacefully to the pure land of the Buddha at the end of their life.

Ancester tablets are designed for deceased love ones, family members or ancestors to receive daily sutra chanting and offering by master to acquire blessings of salvation to pure land.


Peace and harmony Columbarium has designed for the deceased ashes to be placed with daily Sutra chanting and offering by master to receive blessings of salvation to pure land.


Fetus tablets are designed for miscarriages and abortions spirits to receive daily sutra chanting and offering by master in order to eliminate hatred and anger and to receive blessings of salvation to pure land. It’s mother would receive good health in return.

本寺功德殿設置供奉 水子靈為失落胎兒有安靈的靈位,其母才獲得身體健康。每日由上師誦經供養迴向施食普施甘露、化解一切怨氣仇恨, 祈求佛光接引往生佛國淨土。

A Cemetery located at Evergreen memorial Park for deceased to rest in peace in beautiful grassland acreage with good geomancy laid out.

真佛墓園位於 Evergreen Memorial Park 廣濶草原平地,祥和山莊, 地理風水極佳。

佛教認為人生無常,生死是自然之事。人的死亡是另一個輪迴的開始。若能此生修行了生死,破除虛妄我執證得涅槃,將超越生死輪迴。然而眾生先要斷滅煩惱惑業非易事,需要以戒定慧的願力實行方能成果。為了幫助眾生三惡道苦,大乘佛教是幫助眾生在臨終助念誦經持咒使臨終者的念力專一跟隨阿彌陀佛聖號意念阿彌陀佛來接引往生西方極樂世界淨土。 阿彌陀佛經中說“若有善男子善女人聞說阿彌陀佛,執持名號若一日,若二日,若三日,若四日,若五日,若六日,若七日,一心不亂,其人臨命終時,阿彌陀佛,與諸聖眾,現在其前。是人終時,心不顛倒即得往生阿彌陀佛極樂國土。

” 地藏本願功徳經中說“一切眾生臨命終時若得聞一佛名,一菩薩名或是大乘經典一句一偈,我觀如是輩人除五無間殺害之罪,小小惡業家,合墮惡趣者尋即解脫。” 蓮生活佛的“度過生死的大海”書中說到 – 眾生都以為身體健康就好,殊不知道,中年,老年,病年很快就會到臨,最重要的是,要讓普天下的人,都能夠有一個命終的認知,知道死亡的狀況流程。 每一個人都會死,沒有一個人是例外,死亡是現實的問題,不是迷信。死亡之後有境界,是可以證明的。 當今社會宗教信仰自由,多數的家庭都有黹著多元化的信仰。因此親屬與孩子未必能完全了解佛教臨終的關懷的需知重要性。這會増加臨終者的擔憂,同時也有受疾病痛苦宾與懼怕死亡心情,難以保持安寧心態往生。 因此臨終的關懷助念誦經持咒是有極大的幫助臨終者的念力專一跟隨阿彌陀佛聖號意念阿彌陀佛來接引往生西方極樂世界淨土。





a) 問明有何事交代或有何不放心的事,答應儘量做到。

b) 觀察其平日最掛念何人何事,為其一一說法解除。

c) 平日最討厭見到的人,切勿於此刻探訪。

d) 提起他生前的功德善行,引起他心生歡喜。





  1. 大乘佛教重視命終之後的關懷。 當命終時,神識是尚未立刻離去。大約需要八小時的時刻在暈迷中才能依著產生的念頭意識往六道輪徊去。亡者只餘下聽覺和意識存在。當親人在旁哀傷痛哭之下,將會影響亡者心中掛礙擔憂紛亂而不能夠生起清淨意念往生浄土。因此在這八小時內能夠幫助亡者保持安靜並且誦經念佛號促使亡者生起堅定心跟隨佛號意念佛來接引往生佛淨土。 大乘佛教認為亡者的靈識在中陰身階段有四十九日內轉世輪迥。因此在四十九日之內為亡者做慈善及誦經迥向給他消除業障是為重要性。
  2. 淨音雷藏寺誦經團幫助亡者做命終助唸方式含有:殯儀館誦經儀式:誦經迴向祈求佛菩薩接引亡者往生淨土。
  3. 土葬儀式:迎领入土葬及灑淨持咒安葬。
  4. 火葬及入靈骨塔儀式:做灑淨持咒誦經及迎领骨灰龕入「靈骨塔」。
  5. 為亡者做頭七、或是三七、或是七七,或是週年 誦經迴向儀式以增長福德及往生資糧。
  6. 可以詢問選擇以上最適合的儀式獲得最大的功德效力幫助亡者往生淨土。