Welcome to learning Buddhism

With the start of the new decade year 2020, we are facing with the pandemic of CoronaVirus all over the world, and most people find it stressful to prevent the catching of the virus. Presently it’s still spreading across the globe. All of these remind us what Buddha told us the impermanence, instability of the phenomena world.
We always want things to come our way to go well, live well for every undertaking. But, we find disappointments at times and may blamed on certain reasons for it.

          Buddha taught us that it comes from our actions of good and bad deeds. Then we need to understand Buddha dharma in order to practice the right action to fulfill our wishes of happiness. So, we need to spare our time on learning and practice the dharma now, for the days, months, years just fly with the sound of the clock ‘tik tok’ in every second.

          We will provide the material of learning information from the fundamental of Buddhism for beginners with stages of understanding. Our volunteer times in this still require our spare time, so your participation and patient will keep us going with our website staffs.

          Wishing all in good health.

Thank you.

By Master Lian Zhi M.A.