Yellow Jambhala’s Birthday Fire Offering

Living Buddha Lian Shen said: The Yellow Jambhala was originally the embodiment of the Duowen Heavenly King. He is one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of the Guardians”. His other name is Bishamen Tianwang. He is the protector of the Buddha’s light, and more so a good and great god who protects and gives wealth.  The King of Heaven lived in the north of the Four Heavens, and his attendants were all medicine generals and Raksasa. 

Duowen Heavenly King holds a pagoda in his left hand, which can spit out all treasures. The Yellow Jambhala is the transformation of Duowen Heavenly King. In Tibetan tantra, the pagoda becomes a spitting rat, which is only a change in form. In fact, the Yellow Jambhala is the Duowen Heavenly King.

The Duowen Heavenly King in the North is the richest heaven in the celestial realm. He is the one who protects the Dharma and likes to help the poor. Duowen Heavenly King was originally a heavenly king with great secrets, and he was also a heavenly king with great karmic changes. This Yellow Jambhala is listed as one of the Eight Yidams (Principal Deities) of the True Buddha School.  

The temple is scheduled to hold the Yellow Jambhala’s Birthday Fire Offering for increased benefit and blessing on August 30th this year. Please take this opportunity to sign up and participate and practice together in this annual special Yellow Jambhala Divine Birthday event and pray for your own increase in benefit, blessings, wealth and prosperity, smooth career and for your wishes to be fulfilled.